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A Century of Serenity: Exploring the Enchantment of a British Heritage Bungalow

Nestled amidst the lush embrace of an ancient forest, the British Heritage Bungalow stands as a testament to a bygone era, steeped in history and exuding an air of timeless elegance. With a legacy spanning over a century, this secluded retreat offers weary souls a sanctuary away from the relentless pace of modern life.

As you meander through the winding paths leading to the bungalow, a sense of tranquility envelops you, accompanied by the soothing symphony of nature’s melodies. Surrounded by towering trees and fragrant blooms, the atmosphere here is one of pure serenity, inviting visitors to unwind and reconnect with the natural world.

Stepping across the threshold of the bungalow, guests are transported back in time to an era of refinement and grace. Each room is adorned with period furnishings and antique accents, meticulously preserved to retain the charm of yesteryears. From the elegant drawing rooms to the cozy bedrooms, every corner exudes warmth and hospitality, offering a glimpse into the past while providing modern comforts.

Beyond the confines of the bungalow, the forest beckons with its untamed beauty, inviting exploration and contemplation. Guests can embark on leisurely strolls along forest trails, immersing themselves in the sights and sounds of the wilderness. For the adventurous spirits, guided nature walks offer the opportunity to discover hidden treasures and encounter the diverse flora and fauna that call this forest home.

Yet, amidst the tranquility of the forest, modern amenities are never far away. The bungalow offers a range of facilities to ensure a comfortable stay, including sumptuous dining experiences featuring locally sourced ingredients, rejuvenating spa treatments, and leisure activities such as bird watching and star gazing.

More than just a retreat, the British Heritage Bungalow offers a sanctuary for the soul, a place where time seems to stand still, and worries melt away. Here, amidst the embrace of nature, guests can rediscover the simple joys of life, recharge their spirits, and emerge renewed and revitalized.

Whether seeking solace from the chaos of city life or simply yearning for a glimpse of the past, the British Heritage Bungalow offers an unforgettable escape into a world of timeless beauty and tranquility. Come, immerse yourself in the enchantment of a century-old legacy, and experience the magic of this hidden gem nestled amidst the forest’s embrace.


Rose Villa Heritage Bungalow No. 9 is located in Takdah, a hidden gem just 26 kilometers from Darjeeling town. Takdah is surrounded by lush green forests and tea gardens, and offers stunning views of the Himalayas.


Our bungalow was built in the early 1900s by the British, and was used as a cantonment area. In the 1980s, the bungalow was purchased by the Lama family, who have restored it to its former glory and converted it into a heritage homestay.


Rooms and amenities

Rose Villa Heritage Bungalow No. 9 has three rooms, all of which are located on the ground floor and have private bathrooms:

  • Heritage Double Room: This room is ideal for couples, and features a queen-size bed, heritage dressing mirror, and other antique furniture.
  • Queen Heritage Suite: This spacious room features a king-size bed, fireplace, and antique furniture.
  • Nora Family Suite: This room is perfect for families, and features two queen-size beds, a living room with modern amenities, and a private bathroom with a garden view.


Rose Villa Heritage Bungalow No. 9 offers a variety of activities for guests to enjoy, including:

  • Jungle hikes
  • Bird watching
  • Healing hand massage
  • Tibetan cup therapies
  • Meditation
  • Sightseeing visits to Lamahatta, Gumba Dara View point, Tinchulay, Triveni, Bara Mangwa, Chota Mangwa, Shittong, and Darjeeling

Food and beverages

Our bungalow serves authentic Himalayan cuisine, prepared with fresh, local ingredients. We offer a variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tea and snack options.

Transportation facilities

We provide cabs for pick up and drop off, so that guests can travel comfortably to and from our bungalow.


Rose Villa Heritage Bungalow No. 9 is home to a number of preserved antiques, including:

  • Wooden vault
  • Door stop
  • Vintage paintings
  • Leadless glaze aqua filter
  • Heritage plate
  • Vintage swords
  • Antique dressing table
  • Antique dining table
  • Antique table stand


Rose Villa Heritage Bungalow No. 9 is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and experience the peace and tranquility of the Himalayas. We invite you to come and visit us, and experience the heritage of our region in a truly unique and unforgettable way.


Jhangchup Gyaltchen Lama

Jhangchup Gyaltchen Lama

Your Host

We try to provide the guest with the best hospitality possible in and around the area which will be new and shall be the best experience once visited. And we are trying to improve and grow more in regards to the treatment in the stays and  many more facilities for the guest and having a look of how eco-friendly it is, so the reviews of the guest are most welcome and the ideas and innovation are really appreciated. I request every viewer to please give your visit to this place and enjoy time with your family, friends and siblings and have a great experience and great vacation. Please do contact us and don’t hesitate to ask us with your needs and kindly share your views with us. Thank You.




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